DREAM Program Conducts LiDAR GIS Training to DOST Regional Offices

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – LiDAR Applications Training targeted to the disaster risk reduction and management area of DOST Regional Offices and some local government units, was held last March 14-18, 2016 in the Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) Computer Laboratory, located in the College of Science Complex, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

The training fused the utilization of the cutting-edge remote sensing technology LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) with the increased efficiency in disaster risk mitigation efforts of the regions. LiDAR technology aims to complement the local planning process and improve project implementation in accordance with international standards. DOST planning officers and engineers and local government unit representatives were trained to capacitate them with the recent technology.

The speakers and trainers were Dr. Enrico C. Paringit, Engr. Sarah Jane Samalburo, Engr. John Dill Macapagal, Engr. Harmond Santos, Engr. John Louie Fabila, , Engr. Elainne Lopez, Mr. Ryan James Dizon, Engr. Ruby Ann C. Magturo, Mr. Christopher Uichangco Mr. Jerico E. Mendoza, Mr. Neil Eneri Tingi, and For. Khristoffer Ryan Quinton.

The thirty (30) participants were:

DOST Regional Office Representatives

1. Region I Jonathan M. Viernes
2. Region I Jah mai O. Grande
3. Region II Robert Julius Barcena
4. Region II James Respondo
5. CAR Angel L. Maguen
6. CAR Hansi Dinumla
7. Region III Randolf N. Valencia
8. Region III Jermie C. Lugtu
9. NCR Warren D. Gomez
10. NCR Jose B. Patalinhug, III
11. Region IV-B Mark F. Fesalboni
12. Region IV-B Brian D. Borja
13. Region V Dan Dominic A. Triumfante
14. Region V Nathaniel B. Sergio
15. Region VI Abraham A. Porcal
16. Region VI Ryan Vilmor J. Dumpit
17. Region VIII Ernesto M. Granada
18. Region VIII Lysander P. King
19. Region IX Herson S. Fernando Jr.
20. Region IX Thelma E. Diego
21. Region X Mr. Narvinso S. Tan
22. Region X Mr. Paolo S. Butaslac
23. Region XI Mirasol G. Domingo
24. Region XI Jonathan P. Victolero
25. Region XIII Ms. Cindy Mae C. Belivestre
26. Region XIII Ms. Marie Kris P. Dela Fuerte
27. ARMM Nasrodin U. Buisan
28. ARMM Abdullah A. Latip

Local Government Unit Representatives

1. Puerto Prinsesa Lloyd R. dela Cruz
2. Puerto Prinsesa Julius C. Cayabyab


The workshop began with an overview of Dr. Paringit on Geospatial Technologies, LiDAR Technology and Applications, LiDAR Data Acquisition, Processing, and Validation. A short backgrounder on the DREAM Program, its mandates and tasks was also discussed.

The five-day training covered the following topics: Introduction to LiDAR Technology and GIS, GIS Data Analysis, Map Projection and Cartography, Background on Flood Modeling, Flood Maps, Available Flood Modeling Tools on DREAM Website, Evidence-Based Contingency Planning, and DREAM LiDAR Portal for Archiving and Distribution (LiPAD) Demo.

The Nationwide Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation Program (DREAM), funded by the Department of Science and Technology, LiDAR produces up-to-date, detailed, high resolution datasets to come up with Digital Surface Models (DSMs), Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) for flood models and hazard maps. Aside from early warning systems and flood flooding analysis, it is realized that these products have other applications in various fields, among them, infrastructure planning, design and maintenance.

The DOST through its Regional offices is mandated to promote, assist and, where appropriate, undertake scientific and technological research and development in areas identified as vital to the country's development. It has committed itself to achieving outcomes, one of which has developed a program utilizing the LiDAR technology.