National Conference on Assessment and Sustainability Successfully Conducted

The National Conference on Assessment and Sustainability of the UP Disaster Risk Exposure and Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM) Program, which aimed to provide a platform to discuss the Data Acquisition, Data Validation, Data Pre-Processing, and Flood Modeling Assessment conducted by Alastair Duncan and Patrick Hogarth, as well as serve as an avenue to examine opportunities for Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sustainability, was held last April 22, 2016 in Microtel, UP Technohub, along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.


Vice Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo, D. Sc. of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) of the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus gave the welcome remarks, while the opening remarks were delivered by Program Leader Enrico C. Paringit, Dr.Eng. of the Disaster Risk Exposure and Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM) Program. This was followed by the presentations of the conference resource speakers.


The conference resource speakers were:


-          Secretary Mario Montejo of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

-          Mr. Alastair Duncan, assisted by Mr. Patrick Hogarth, both from the United Kingdom Environmental Agency (UKEA)

-          Ms. Susan Abano, Head of the Water Assessment Section of the National Water Resources Assessment Bureau

-          Mr. Mariano R. Catan, Project Coordinator from the National Irrigation Administration (NIA)

-          Engr. Grecile Damo from the Flood Control and Sabo Engineering Center of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)


Dr. Carlos Primo David, Executive Director of the Philippine Council on Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD)  of the DOST and Dean Aura C. Matias of the College of Engineering of UP Diliman, shared their perspectives and insights as commenters/ reactors on the presentations of the conference resource speakers.


Engr. Mark Edwin Tupas, Project Leader of the Data Archiving and Distribution Component discussed the End User’s License Agreement (EULA) and data-sharing policy of the UP DREAM/ Phil-LiDAR 1Program, with inputs from Ms. Agnes May Bantigue of the UPD OVCRD and Mr. Cedric Ben Gayares of the UPD Technology Transfer and Business Development Office (TTBDO).


From the private sector, Mr. Jing Alampay of Digiscript Phils., Inc., a geodetic and remote sensing company, also attended. Dr. Renan Tanhueco of De La Salle University (DLSU), was also in attendance to aid in facilitating the Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), gather data, and gain insight for the flood modeling assessment of the DREAM Program. Two representatives from the Commission on Audit, Ms. Monica T. Glen and Ms. Melody Tan, acted as observers for the event. The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) commenced in the afternoon. Representatives from the DREAM Program, partner SUCs/ HEIs, and other stakeholders contributed to the FGD.



The representatives from the UP DREAM Program were:


  1. Data Acquisition/ Data Validation     Engr. Louie P. Balicanta         PL
  2. Data Acquisition                                 Engr. Christopher Cruz           CSRS
  3. Data Acquisition                                 Engr. Lovelyn Asuncion         SupSRS
  4. Data Acquisition                                 Ms. Lovely Acuna                  SupSRS
  5. Data Validation                                  Engr. Joemarie Caballero        CSRS
  6. Data Validation                                  Ms. Patriczia Dela Cruz          SupSRS
  7. Data Validation                                  Ms. Kaye Borromeo                SupSRS
  8. Data Pre-Processing                            Engr. Rosario Ang                  PL
  9. Data Pre-Processing                            Engr. John Louie Fabila          Specialist
  10. Data Pre-Processing                            Engr. Sarah Samalburo           CSRS
  11. Data Pre-Processing                            Engr. Gladys Mae Apat          SupSRS
  12. Data Pre-Processing                            Engr. Joida Prieto                   SupSRS
  13. Data Pre-Processing                            Engr. Harmond Santos           SupSRS
  14. Flood Modeling                                  Mr. Christopher Uichanco      CSRS
  15. Flood Modeling                                  Ms. Sylvia Sueno                    SupSRS                      
  16. Data Archiving and Distribution        Engr. Mark Edwin Tupas        PL
  17. Data Archiving and Distribution        Ms. Simonette Lat                  SupSRS
  18. Data Archiving and Distribution        Ms. Ruby Magturo                  SupSRS
  19. Training Component                           Ms. Marilou Supit                   PO III
  20. Training Component                           Ms. Marianne Martinito          RA
  21. Training Component                           Ms. Klaribelle Languayan       RA
  22. Training Component                           Ms. Denise Ann Suarez          RA


The SUC/ HEI representatives were the following:


  1. Ms. Melanie Aquino               Isabela State University (ISU)
  2. Dr. Annie Paz-Alberto            Central Luzon State University (CLSU)
  3. Dr. Emelina Regis                   Ateneo de Naga University (ADZU)
  4. Mr. Melanio Regis                  Ateneo de Naga University (ADZU)            
  5. Prof. Edwin Abucay               University of the Philippines, Los Banos (UPLB)
  6. Dr. Adrin Uy                          MAPUA Institute of Technology (MIT)
  7. Mr. Fibor Tan                          MAPUA Institute of Technology (MIT)
  8. Dr. Chelo Pascua                    University of the Philippines, Baguio (UPB)
  9. Dr. Florentino Morales, Jr.      Visayas State University (VSU)
  10. Dr. Jonifer Sinogaya               University of the Philippines, Cebu (UPC)
  11. Dr. Roland Otadoy                 University of San Carlos (USC)
  12. Ms. Aure Flo Oraya                University of San Carlos (USC)
  13. Dean Meriam Santillan           Caraga State University (CSU)
  14. Engr. Jojene Santillan             Caraga State University (CSU)
  15. Dr. Joseph Acosta                   University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPM)
  16. Mr. Joseph Paquit                   Central Mindanao University (CMU)
  17. Dr. Alan Milano                      Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology                                                             (MSU-IIT)
  18. Dr. Mario Rodriguez               Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU)
  19. Engr. Rengie Bagares             Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU)



Other Stakeholders present in the conference were:


  1. Neil Varcas                 Laguna Lake Development Authority
  2. Eugenio O. Diaz, Jr.                DENR – River Basin Control Office (RBCO)
  3. Eduardo Bormilla, Jr.              DENR – Manila Bay Coordinating Office (MBCO)
  4. Anne Marie Walse                  DENR – Manila Bay Coordinating Office (MBCO)
  5. Ma.  Roselia Agsalud              Climate Change Commission (CCC)
  6. Engr. Rosemarie Leccio          DENR – Land Management Bureau (LMB)
  7. Engr. Nelson Beniabon           DOST – PCIEERD
  8. Ms. Claire Reyes                     DOST – PCIEERD
  9. Ms. May Rose Parinas            DOST – PCIEERD
  10. Ms. Mary Joy Buitre               DOST – PCIEERD


The conference proceeded as planned, with the resource speakers sharing important knowledge and strategies that may involve beneficial use of LiDAR data. The FGD participated by the stakeholders also yielded significant information on the possibilities attributed to LiDAR technology in the Philippines. 


UP DREAM Program National Conference