PHIL-LiDAR 1 Conducts Mid-Year Assessment Training To 155 Personnel

The PHIL-LiDAR 1 Program conducted its Mid-Year Assessment Training Program 2016 on August 3-5, 2016 at the Ponte Fino Hotel & Residences, Batangas City. In anticipation of the program closure in 2017, the theme of this year’s training program addresses the need to review the program’s accomplishments for 2016 and set the climate essential for the completion of the remaining targets in 2017.

The first of the three-day program was allotted for the gathering of the 12 key program officers to discuss sustainability plans and targets in the Sustainability Planning Workshop.






Enrico C. Paringit

Program Leader

PHIL-LiDAR 1 Program


Mark Edwin Tupas

Project Leader

Data Archiving and Distribution Component


John Louie Fabila


PHIL-LiDAR 1 Program


Christopher Cruz

Chief Science Research Specialist

Data Acquisition Component


Lovely Gracia Acuna

Supervising Science Research Specialist

Data Acquisition Component


Sarah Jane Samalburo

Chief Science Research Specialist

Data Pre-Processing Component


Joemarie Caballero

Chief Science Research Specialist

Data Validation Component


Patrizcia Mae Dela Cruz

Supervising Science Research Specialist

Data Validation Component


Christopher Uichanco

Chief Science Research Specialist

Flood Modeling Component


Ruby Ann Magturo

Supervising Science Research Specialist

Flood Modeling Component


Denise Ann Suarez

Project Officer III

Training Component


Emily David

Project Development Officer III



On August 4-5, the Mid-Year Assessment Training Program was formally held for 155 PHIL-LiDAR 1 Program personnel. Facilitated by Ms. Karina Javier, Program/Project Management and Technical Adviser, the training design included the following objectives and required output:

Activity Objectives

By the end of the two-day activity, participants would have:

-Reviewed the PHIL LiDAR 1 Program’s mandate and goals;
-Assessed the Program’s accomplishments and outputs for the past 6 months;
-Provided feedback to the management regarding expectations and concerns after the PHIL LIDAR 1 Program closure; and
-Provided a venue for the Program staff to have a team building activity.

Expected Output

-Individual and Group (per Component) input to the Program plan
-Individual feedback expectations/concerns after the PHIL LIDAR 1 Program closure

To achieve these objectives, a number of activities that foster public service, team building, cooperation, commitment, resourcefulness, and sharing among others were organized. These were done on both days with the concentration of indoor activities on August 4.  

All PHIL-LiDAR 1 Personnel resumed the training with an Educational Tour in a nearby barangay in the morning of August 5. One hundred fifty-five (155) participants visited and interviewed residents in Brgy. Pollocan West which is situated on the Calumpang River floodplain. Part of the annual Mid-Year training, since the DREAM Program in 2013, is to expose the program’s work force to a community where they will be provided an opportunity to relate their work in real-life situations. This also creates a venue for the program’s Information, Education, and Communication Campaign to directly impart the program’s LiDAR data products which are readily available online, like the Automated Water Level Forecast System and Rain Watch. To conclude the training program, a culminating activity was held in the hotel after the community visit.

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