DREAM/ Phil-LiDAR 1 Program holds Year-end Assessment Workshop

The Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM) Program/ Phil-LiDAR 1. Hazard Mapping of the Philippines Using LiDAR 1 Program held its Year-end Assessment Workshop at the Cocoon Boutique Hotel, Quezon City last December 18, 2014. In attendance was 100 of the 133 personnel of the DREAM/Phil-LiDAR 1 Program.

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Said workshop was facilitated by Mr. Severino Reyes III, a motivational speaker from PowerSpeak, Inc., who also led the group in its Mid-year Assessment Workshop. Mr. Reyes opened the sessions with a review of the topics discussed in the previous event. He also asked the participants to rate and evaluate themselves; the ratings from the said activity were then used for the goal-setting workshop.

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In relation to the objective-identification of each employee and component, group activities and games were also conducted. The workshop concluded with a reporting of the forward-looking component targets.



Data Acquisition Component

 Validation and Bathymetry

Data Validation and Bathymetry Component

Pre Processing

Data Pre-Processing Component

Flood Modeling

Flood Modeling Component


Data Archiving and Distribution Component


Training Component


Administration Personnel