Phil-LiDAR 1 Showcases its State-Of-The-Art Technology for the NSTW 2016

In observance of DOST's National Science Education Week (NSTW) 2016, the UP PHIL-LiDAR 1 Program showcased its state-of-the-art technology on July 26-29, 2016 at AVR NEC, UP Diliman.

On day 1, it was attended by 25 guests from government agencies such as Quezon City LGU, NEDA, and PCA. Engr. Ruby Ann Magturo, Supervising Science Research Specialist of DAD component gave the presentation on the LiDAR 1 program while Engr. Roel dela Cruz, Chief Science Research Specialist of PHD component gave the LiDAR 2 presentation.

On day 2, 300 students with teachers from Quezon City Science High School visited the exhibit. The science department head, Ms. Racquel, believes that it is something that students will learn a lot about the liDAR technology, especially that their students are bound to be future scientists and mathematicians. They are amused to know that such technology exists knowing our flooding issues in the country. The event was manned by representatives from each component of Phil-LiDAR1 such as: FMC, DPPC, DAC, DVBC, DAD, and Training. Students had the chance to experience the following: presentation about the LiDAR 1 and LiDAR 2 projects, the rationale of the mannequin, exhibit at LiDAR 2, and some interactive games as culminating activity which they have enjoyed.  

On day 3, 100 students from Balara National High School came with teachers and experienced the same activities. On the last day of July 19, another 100 students from Krus na Ligas High School came.

DSC 0109

300 Kisay students register at the AVR of NEC

DSC 0181

Kisay students thoroughly reading the LiDAR brochure

DSC 0291

Students attentively watching the LiDAR 2 AVP at the GE 2 lobby

DSC 0229

Students actively participating in the games organized by LiDAR 1 staff

DSC 0251

Students listening to the staff explaining the flood alert system

DSC 0377

LiDAR1 staff poses with Kisay teachers

20160728 105621

100 Balara students having fun in the games in AVR after the program presentation