PHIL-LiDAR 2 Orientation with Forest Conservation Officials from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

The Forest Resources Extraction from LiDAR Survey (FRExLS) component of the PhiLiDAR 2 program briefed officials from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Ministry of Environment and Forests on how LiDAR can be utilized for forest resource management. This study visit was a part of a training program in the University of the Philippines- Los Baños (UPLB) sponsored by the World Bank. The group was accompanied by UPLB’s College of Forestry and Natural Resources’ Ms. Analyn Cadilan and Ms. Vanessa Palma. The purpose of the activity was to enable the trainees to know how Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) can be used to map forest resources and provide data on policy formulation, planning and management. This was held in the Executive Board Room of the National Engineering Center, UP Diliman on October 20, 2016.

FRExLs’ Ms. Regine Anne Faelga gave a presentation on the background of the project, its technology, as well as its uses and implications, particularly on natural resource and renewable energy mapping, as well as climate change adaptation. She showcased the various maps obtained through LiDAR technology and explained the scope and features of each classification. She also explained how these maps are created through a series of processes and work flow from the data acquisition, field validation and processing. 

Engr. Carlyn Ann Ibañez provided more insights on LiDAR. She discussed how the forest canopy height map, canopy closure/canopy gap map, tree map (automatic delineation of tree crowns), and above ground biomass are mapped using LiDAR technology. Visual presentations and videos were shown to enable participants obtain a clear picture of how the data points are gathered. A sample digital terrain model and flood maps were also shown. She also noted how the program assisted the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in its National Greening Program. After the orientation, participants keenly asked questions during the open forum. They asked questions on the difference between LiDAR and satellites, how it delineates forest from agro-forests and other details of the program.

Before concluding the activity, the FRExLS team accompanied the guests inside the office and showcased the different units of the program. The participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers before concluding the activity.