Philippine National LiDAR Conference Online Registration

Registration for the Philippine National LiDAR Conference may be done through the following link:

The Philippine National LiDAR Conference 2017 will be held on January 18-20, 2017 at Waterfront hotel in Cebu City. The overall theme of the Conference is "On the Cutting Edge: Geospatial Technology at the Forefront of Disaster Risk Reduction and Natural Resource Management in the Philippines". This event will be an avenue for sharing knowledge on current processes, methodologies and best practices in remote sensing and geospatial technology, and foster a “community of practice” among LiDAR practitioners in various fields. Particularly, it aims to: showcase the outputs of the program to stakeholders; foster a 'community of practice' where LiDAR and geospatial technology practitioners from various fields may discuss methodologies, processes and best practices; build capability of stakeholders from the government by providing a GIS training; and, promote the use of LiDAR products through distribution of LiDAR data to LGUs and NGAs.