Surprise Visit of UP Chancellor

The UP DREAM office had a surprise visit from Chancellor Michael L. Tan this morning. He reassured DREAM staff with his memorandum advising the UP Administration to unfreeze DREAM funds. This will cover the budget for personnel and aircraft services.

Concern regarding DREAM funds surfaced after the Supreme Court last July 1, 2014 ruled the unconstitutionality of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) from which DREAM funds are sourced. However, DREAM outputs are highly needed especially this rainy season. Its activities cannot be disrupted in order to provide reliable early warning to communities in times of heavy rainfall and typhoons.  Chancellor Tan stated that he will invoke the Philippine Constitution tenet of protection of life and property, as well as the “doctrine of operative fact” in terms of the legality of unfreezing DREAM funds.

His announcement was met with great relief by all.