DREAM Program Participates in Eng'g Quake Drill

Around 130 personnel of the UP Nationwide Disaster Risk Exposure and Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM) PHIL-LiDAR Program evacuated their offices at the National Engineering Complex (NEC) as part of Eng'g Quake, a simultaneous earthquake drill coordinated by the University of the Philippines, College of Engineering on August 11, 2015. 

An alarm broke at 10:30 a.m. in NEC, which was followed by the staff simulating the Duck-Cover-Hold procedure and calmly exiting the building afterwards. Offices and classes from NEC, Melchor Hall, National Center for Transportation Studies, Industrial Engineering-Mechanical Engineering Building, UPAE Centennial Hall, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute, Chemical Engineering Building, and Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering Building were suspended for an hour for the exercise.

The earthquake drill was in accordance to the 2015 Metro Manila Shake Drill that offices, schools, and establishments should join as a disaster preparedness measure if a 7.2-magnitude earthquake were to hit the metro. The shake drill led by Metro Manila Development Authority launched on July 30 involving 16 cities, was considered the first and biggest earthquake drill performed.